Very Hot Weather Warning issued in HK as Typhoon “Mawar” brings scorching temperatures, 36°C recorded in Yuen Long, Sheung Shui and Chek Lap Kok


30th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) The outer periphery of Typhoon “Mawar” has brought extreme heat to Guangdong, causing temperatures to soar in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Observatory issued an extreme heat warning this morning, and by the afternoon, temperatures in most parts of the city had risen to 35 degrees Celsius or above. The Observatory also recorded the highest temperature of the year so far, reaching 34.6 degrees Celsius. By 5pm, Yuen Long, Sheung Shui, and Cape D’Aguilar had recorded temperatures exceeding 37 degrees Celsius.

The Observatory updated the city’s latest weather conditions on its Facebook page in the evening, stating that temperatures in most parts of the city had risen to 35 degrees Celsius or above in the afternoon, making it the hottest day of the year so far. At least eight automatic weather stations also recorded the hottest temperature in May since they were set up. The Observatory predicted that the heat wave would continue for the next two to three days, with occasional showers and thunderstorms in some areas.

In addition to Yuen Long, Sheung Shui, and Chek Lap Kok, seven other areas in Hong Kong recorded temperatures exceeding 36 degrees Celsius. The Wetland Park and Tai Lam Chung recorded 36.8 degrees Celsius, while Happy Valley, Sha Tin, and Tuen Mun recorded temperatures ranging from 36.5to 36.7 degrees Celsius. The public is advised to take precautions against the heat, including drinking plenty of water, wearing sunscreen, and monitoring their physical condition when outdoors.

The extreme heat warning has prompted concerns from the public, especially those who work outdoors or do not have access to air conditioning. The government has urged employers to provide adequate measures to protect workers from heat stroke, such as providing shaded areas, rest breaks, and access to water.