Verstappen triumphs at Shanghai in Formula One’s return to China


21st April 2024 – (Shanghai)  Max Verstappen clinched victory at the Chinese Grand Prix, marking Formula One’s much-anticipated return to the Shanghai International Circuit for the first time since 2019. The race saw a dynamic shuffle among the leading drivers, with Lando Norris and Sergio Perez completing the podium in second and third places respectively.

The event unfolded with high tension from the start. Verstappen held his lead from pole position, while his Red Bull teammate Perez initially lost ground to a fiercely competitive Fernando Alonso. The opening laps were marked by intense manoeuvring, with Perez struggling to reclaim his position from Alonso, who showed formidable pace around the circuit’s challenging turns.

The drama extended beyond the race leaders. Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton voiced concerns over his tyres early in the race, struggling to make headway from the back of the pack. Meanwhile, Alex Albon of Williams reported aggressive defensive moves from Esteban Ocon, adding to the on-track skirmishes.

By the fifth lap, Perez had managed to outmanoeuvre Alonso, securing second place with a decisive overtaking move at Turn 6. Norris also showcased his racing prowess, seizing an opportunity to advance to third place by exploiting a tight cornering manoeuvre against Alonso.

Throughout the race, Charles Leclerc of Ferrari made significant recoveries, executing overtakes that demonstrated his driving acumen, notably against George Russell and Oscar Piastri, moving up to fifth place.

The race was not without its mishaps. Alpine’s Pierre Gasly experienced a catastrophic pit stop that saw a tyre come loose, posing a dangerous moment that fortunately resulted in no serious injuries.