Vera Wang’s daughters shine as fashion royalty: The story behind the glamorous family


    20th September 2023 – (New York) Vera Wang, the renowned designer of wedding dresses, has been celebrated for her age-defying beauty and exquisite fashion designs. However, it is not just her bridal creations that capture attention; people are equally fascinated by her youthful appearance at the age of 74. Recently, Wang celebrated her daughter Josephine’s birthday, unveiling a stunning beauty who defies her true age. While many praised Josephine for inheriting her mother’s ageless genes, it turns out that she is Wang’s adoptive daughter, dispelling the notion of a biological connection and adding an unexpected twist to their story.

    Wang celebrated her daughter Josephine’s birthday recently.

    Vera Wang has earned her reputation as a fashion icon, with her brand being adored by celebrities and making waves in high society. Beyond her professional achievements, Wang’s personal life has also garnered interest, particularly her relationship with her daughters. Cecilia Becker and Josephine Becker, affectionately known as “Cesi” and “Jo,” have been making headlines as they follow in their mother’s fashionable footsteps.

    Despite Wang’s separation from her ex-husband, Arthur Becker, with whom she shares the girls, she has maintained a deep and close bond with her daughters, ensuring they grow up with a devoted mother by their side. Wang, at the start of her career, never imagined she would have the time to marry and have children of her own due to her demanding schedule. In an interview, she even proclaimed herself a “fashion nun,” fully devoted to her craft. However, life had other plans for Wang.

    After heartfelt discussions with industry figures such as Ralph Lauren and Anna Wintour, Wang opened herself up to the possibility of settling down. In 1989, she tied the knot with investor Arthur P. Becker in a Baptist and Jewish interfaith ceremony. With their marriage, the couple embarked on building their own family.

    Vera Wang’s journey to success began at a young age, fueled by her passion for fashion. Shortly after graduating from university, she began working at Vogue magazine in 1971. Her undeniable talent propelled her up the ranks, and at the age of 23, she became a fashion editor, responsible for the magazine’s editorial fashion spreads. Building her reputation, Wang eventually ventured out to establish her own business, opening a bridal shop in New York and introducing her own line of gowns at the age of 40. Today, she stands as one of the world’s highest-paid designers.

    When it came to starting a family, Wang and Becker chose adoption over conceiving their children. They adopted two daughters, Cecilia and Josephine, and ensured that they felt loved and cherished from the very beginning. Even after their separation in 2012, following over two decades together, Wang and Becker maintained a strong bond with their daughters. Being raised by a designer of Wang’s caliber bestowed upon Cecilia and Josephine privileges that not everyone has. However, the sisters have worked hard to forge their own paths and reach their current positions.

    Both sisters have displayed exceptional potential from a young age, attending prestigious universities. Cecilia reportedly attends the University of Pennsylvania, while Josephine studied at Harvard. In a past interview with Teen Vogue, Cecilia expressed the occasional strangeness of being the daughter of a renowned figure in the fashion world.

    Cecilia and Josephine have always taken their mother’s advice seriously, especially when it comes to fashion. Growing up surrounded by designer clothes and accessories, they still consult their mother for her expert opinion on their outfits. Wang’s guidance helps them make fashion choices that reflect her impeccable taste.

    Although Wang has kept her daughters’ lives as private as possible, she occasionally treats her fans with glimpses into their world. On Mother’s Day in 2023, she shared a throwback photo of her daughters, radiating angelic beauty in white dresses and capturing their unique charm. Accompanied by an emotional message, Wang expressed her gratitude for the incredible adventure of watching her girls grow into remarkable young women. Her love for her adopted children shines through, proving that their bond is as strong as if they were connected by blood.