Vehicles including bus plunge into water as Guangzhou’s Lixinsha Bridge collapses after vessel collision, 2 deaths and 3 missing persons reported (Updated: 11.53am)


22nd February 2024 – (Guangzhou) Lixinsha Bridge in Nansha District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, was struck by a vessel on Thursday (22nd) at 5.30am, resulting in the bridge’s collapse and vehicles plunging into the water.

According to a statement released locally, an empty cargo vessel traveling from Nansha, Foshan to Nansha, Guangzhou, collided with a pier of the Lixinsha Bridge while passing through the Hongqili Waterway. This collision resulted in the fracture of the bridge deck.

Meanwhile, Guangzhou Public Transportation Group Co., Ltd has issued a statement stating that Liang Jinhua, a driver from the Nansha Bus Fleet, was driving bus number Guangdong A08386D (self-designated number N17049). He was carrying out operating duties on the Nansha 9 Route, traveling from Pearl River Street (Zhujiang Second Road) Station to the final destination of Tuanjie Wei. At 5.31am, while crossing the Lixinsha Bridge in Nansha District, the bridge was hit by a ship, causing the bridge deck to collapse. The bus, with only the driver on board, subsequently fell into the water, and the driver could not be contacted. The scene is currently cordoned off, and rescue personnel are unable to enter.

According to a report from the Guangzhou Maritime Search and Rescue Centre, four vehicles and one motorcycle fell into the water and onto a ship respectively after the bridge was struck, resulting in two deaths and three missing persons. Additionally, the owner of the involved vessel has been detained.

As per information released by the Guangzhou Nansha WeChat account, around 5.30 am on Thursday, an empty container ship travelling from Nanhai, Foshan to Nansha, Guangzhou, collided with a bridge pier on the Hongqi Lixi Waterway, causing the bridge deck of Lixinsha Bridge to fracture. Preliminary investigations indicate that out of the four vehicles and one electric motorcycle involved, two vehicles fell into the water, while the other three fell onto the ship. As of now, two individuals have been rescued, two have died, one crew member suffered minor injuries, and three remain missing.

Lin Jianfeng, Chairman of the People’s Congress of Wanqingsha Town, stated that the surrounding residents have been evacuated. Relevant departments promptly arrived at the scene to carry out emergency rescue operations. Lixi Bridge serves as a primary transportation route for residents of Sanmin Island. Following the incident, traffic control measures have been implemented on the bridge. Zhong Weihong, the village branch secretary of Minjian Village on the island, mentioned that there is still a ferry available for residents’ transportation.