Used female school uniforms priced at HK$2588 on Carousell, includes previously worn swimsuits and underwear


23rd November 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Police swiftly resolved two cases involving individuals disguised as women and infiltrating school premises. The investigations revealed a disturbing trend of Carousell online platform being flooded with the sale of used school uniforms, particularly those of female students. Shockingly, some sellers were found offering heavily used uniforms at exorbitant prices, accompanied by promises of additional “gifts” such as previously worn swimsuits, stockings, and even underwear, raising suspicions of potential illicit activities.

According to a report by HOY TV, certain sellers on popular second-hand trading platforms were listing heavily used female school uniforms at significantly higher prices compared to new ones. The most expensive listing reached a staggering HK$2,588.

HOY TV’s investigative program, “Undercover Investigation,” discovered one active seller on a well-known second-hand marketplace offering approximately 80 sets of used school uniforms. The majority of the listings were skirts from renowned traditional girls’ schools in Hong Kong.

Each listing prominently advertised the “heavily used” nature of the uniforms and included real-life photographs of schoolgirls wearing them. The sellers also included an additional “gift” with each uniform, ranging from previously worn swimsuits to stockings and underwear.

Further investigation by reporters from “Sing Tao Headlines” revealed that the active seller maintained two accounts on the platform, one registered seven years ago and the other four years ago.

The seller had been engaged in selling second-hand school uniforms for five years, accumulating nearly 600 sales records across both accounts.

Most of the uniforms sold by the seller during this period were female school uniforms, with prices ranging from a few hundred to several thousand Hong Kong dollars.

HOY TV discovered that the most expensive listing, priced at HK$2,588, included ten pieces of sportswear from the same renowned girls’ school, as well as a nearly new second-hand swimsuit. The uniforms were associated with a well-known traditional girls’ school in Wong Tai Sin.

Customers who purchased this particular set of uniforms were promised the additional “gift” of underwear.

It was found that the set of uniforms had not yet been sold but had been discounted to HK$2,388. Additionally, the “gift” had been changed from underwear to a swimsuit.

When contacted by Hoy TV expressing interest in purchasing one of the school uniforms, the seller did not respond but instead emphasized the allure of receiving used stockings as a gift and urged a swift purchasing decision, claiming that many people were inquiring about the uniforms and stockings.

The seller adamantly refused to meet in person and insisted on shipping the items. The full transcript of the conversation between the program’s team and the seller is provided below.

Throughout the conversation, the seller maintained that the uniforms had been worn by the same person and even disclosed their own identity.