Unseen CCTV footage of deceased student protester, Alex Chow revealed during coroner’s inquiry


4th December 2020 – (Hong Kong) On 4th November last year, Alex Chow, 22 years old, a student of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, fell from a height in the parking lot of Sheung Tak Estate, Tseung Kwan O, and died 4 days later. The coroner’s inquiry continued today (4th). Magistrate KO Wai-hung responded to the fact that he found key evidence on the closed-circuit footage of Kwong Ming Court, which had not been presented to court yesterday, and said that in order to relieve public suspicion, he decided to publish a “disturbing” footage in court. The CCTV recorded a black figure believed to be Chow who suddenly fell from the parking lot of Sheung Tak Estate. The footage of this segment mainly shows the badminton court in front of the parking lot, but part of the parking lot A was still visible. When the closed-circuit television marked time was 0:57:37 in the morning, a black figure suddenly fell from the top of the second floor of the parking lot, and the court revealed that the time displayed in the footage was different from the actual time. It is reported that the CCTV camera was located on the ground floor of Kwong Sun House. In addition, another CCTV footage filmed the time when the ambulance arrived in Sheung Tak Estate and went to the hospital.

Ko pointed out that the time shown in the clip did not coincide with the evidence submitted by the previous paramedics. The Coroner’s Court sent a letter to the Director of Fire Services in this regard, and that the Fire Services Department should be listed as a person interested in this inquiry and must attend the court hearing. Before showing the CCTV footage, the Magistrate reminded Chow’s family and the jury that they would feel uneasy watching the footage. The inquiry is now adjourned until next Tuesday (8th). The police will complete the investigation, including inviting experts to analyse the footage to find out the discrepancy between the footage and the actual time of the incident, and to confirm the time and location of Chow’s fall. The court also called on the management companies and owners’ corporations of the relevant buildings to provide assistance in providing CCTV footage.

Chow’s father said outside the court that he was inevitably unhappy when he saw his son’s last-minute footage, but at the same time, he was thankful that the clip had brought a breakthrough during the inquiry. When asked if he would question the police’s negligence in not presenting the footage to court, he said: “He wouldn’t dare to comment, I have to wait and see until thhe conclusion with the jury. It is too early to say.”