Unprecedented warm spell sweeps Japan’s Pacific Coast, record-high temperatures reported


20th February 2024 – (Tokyo) Unseasonably warm air originating from the south has driven temperatures to unprecedented levels along Japan’s Pacific Ocean coast regions, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). On Tuesday, numerous locations across the country reported record-high temperatures for the month of February.

By 2pm local time, a staggering 78 locations nationwide had recorded February temperatures that broke previous records, highlighting the exceptional nature of the warmth. Among them, the cities of Takasaki and Isesaki in Gunma prefecture experienced temperatures surpassing 25 degrees Celsius, a remarkable occurrence for the month of February.

The uncharacteristically warm weather extended beyond these regions, with some areas experiencing temperatures reminiscent of late April to mid-June. Central Tokyo, for instance, reached a high of 23.7 degrees Celsius, marking the highest temperature recorded so far this year.

Weather officials attribute the sudden rise in mercury to the influx of warm air from the south, flowing into a front that extended near Kanto. However, the agency anticipates a return to winter cold on Wednesday, as the weather patterns shift once again.