United Christian Hospital launches search for missing 43-year-old male patient


17th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) United Christian Hospital has issued an urgent appeal today, concerning a 43-year-old male patient who left the hospital without notifying the staff. The patient had been transported by ambulance to the Accident and Emergency Department earlier in the evening, around 6:30 pm, for medical treatment. However, at approximately 8 pm, the patient departed from the Accident and Emergency Department without alerting the hospital personnel.

In response to this concerning development, security guards were immediately dispatched to search for the patient within the hospital premises as well as the surrounding area. Additionally, the hospital promptly notified the police, seeking their assistance in locating the missing individual. As of now, the patient’s whereabouts remain unknown.

The incident has raised significant concerns within the hospital, prompting them to pledge full cooperation with the police as they intensify their efforts to find the patient. A spokesperson for United Christian Hospital emphasized the gravity of the situation and emphasized the hospital’s commitment to resolving it swiftly.

Descriptive details about the missing patient have been provided to aid in their identification. The patient is described as approximately 1.65 meters tall, with short black hair and a medium build. CCTV footage captured the patient wearing a navy blue short-sleeved top, blue long jeans, and slippers at the time of departure. In order to facilitate the search, the hospital has urged the public to contact them at 3949 4002 or reach out to the police if they possess any information regarding the patient’s current location.