United Airlines jet makes unscheduled Denver stop after wing malfunction

File photo.

21st February 2024 – (San Francisco) A United Airlines flight bound for Boston was forced to execute an unscheduled landing in Denver on Monday. Flight 354, departing from San Francisco, encountered a mid-flight emergency due to a compromised wing component, the airline has confirmed.

The craft, a Boeing 757-200, experienced what the airline described as “an issue with the slat on the wing,” though further details regarding the cause of the damage were not immediately disclosed. A passenger-recorded video that later circulated on social media platforms depicted the wing’s slat panel in a visibly damaged state, intensifying concerns among the 165 individuals on board.

Passenger Kevin Clarke, who documented the panel’s condition, captured the tense moments prior to the landing. His video, which showed the damaged wing, was captioned with his concern as the aircraft prepared for its descent into Denver.

United Airlines managed the situation by diverting the aircraft to Denver International Airport, where it touched down safely at 5:21 p.m. All passengers were subsequently accommodated on an alternative flight, which ensured their arrival at Boston Logan International Airport in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

United Airlines reported no injuries as a result of the incident. Meanwhile, the FAA has indicated that it will conduct a thorough investigation to ascertain the precise nature of the malfunction.

This latest aerospace scare follows the FAA’s recent decision to ground a portion of Boeing’s 737 MAX 9 fleet, after an unrelated episode where a door plug detached from an Alaska Airlines MAX 9 shortly after takeoff. The series of events continues to place aircraft safety standards in the spotlight.