Unidentified Chinese man attempting burglary in Wong Tai Sin caught by residents after injuring himself while fleeing


7th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) At around 3am today, a resident of Chun Tung House in Tung Tau (II) Estate noticed a suspicious individual attempting to break into three units on the first floor of the neighbouring Kwai Tung House. The individual was seen tampering with the windows of the units, prompting the resident to quietly notify the security guards.

Several security guards were alerted and called the police. They used flashlights to search the platform, where the suspect was last seen. The suspect, realizing that he was caught, attempted to flee by jumping from the platform to the ground, but sustained injuries to his legs and knees in the process. The security guards were able to apprehend him before he could escape.

However, one of the police officers who was investigating the scene and collecting evidence on the platform slipped and fell, injuring his waist and hand. Both the injured police officer and the suspect were taken to the hospital by ambulance for treatment.

During the investigation, the police found a wrench on the platform, which they believe was used by the suspect during the attempted burglary. The 52-year-old male suspect was arrested on suspicion of “attempted burglary.” He did not have any identification documents on him, and it is suspected that he may be an illegal immigrant from mainland China.