Unfiltered photos of Hong Kong actor Louis Koo reveal true age at annual Lunar New Year banquet

    The unedited picture of Louis Koo was shared on social media.

    18th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) In the vibrant heart of Hong Kong’s film industry, the annual Lunar New Year banquet hosted by the Hong Kong Stuntman Association is a much-anticipated event. This year’s gala, which brought together a constellation of the city’s most esteemed action stars and behind-the-scenes maestros, was marked by merriment and camaraderie.

    Chin Kar-Lok, the association’s president, ensured the evening ran smoothly, but it was Louis Koo’s presence that stole the show. Celebrated actor and dual president of both the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild and the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers, Koo became the event’s unofficial mascot, as guests eagerly queued for a moment and a photograph with the star.

    In a turn away from the airbrushed perfection often seen in celebrity images, the evening’s photos captured an unfiltered Koo. The candid shots garnered attention as they displayed the actor’s visage in a more relaxed and natural state, complete with under-eye bags – a stark contrast to the polished look fans are accustomed to seeing on screen.

    Koo, always a figure of poise and charm, navigated the sea of requests with the grace befitting his status. The industry veteran, known for his roles that often defy the ageing process, appeared in a light that was perhaps more human than hero this time around. It raised the question: was the beloved actor simply off his game for the evening, or was it the unforgiving absence of filters that led to this rare glimpse of his natural appearance?

    Another picture shared by another attendee of the event was filtered.