Unfiltered group photo of Hong Kong pop diva Karen Mok reveals wrinkles on face


    4th February 2023 – (Hong Kong) 52-year-old Hong Kong actress and pop diva Karen Mok has appeared in many movies directed by Stephen Chow. She has been using beauty apps just like many celebrities and social media influencers to enhance her photos before posting on social media. Many fans were impressed by her ability to keep her youthful looks.

    However, she recently took an unfiltered group photo during work and wrinkles were spotted on her face. Some fans also commented that she has lost too much weight and she should watch her diet. However, some defended her and said that Mok is already in her 50s, hence, she still maintains a good body and wrinkles are inevitable as long as she ages gracefully.

    Group photo taken during work.
    Filtered photo by Karen Mok.

    Mok is one of the leading Asian pop singers and actresses with a career spanning three decades. She is the first female Hong Kong singer to win the Golden Melody Award and has won it a total of three times. She has released 17 solo studio albums, starred in over 40 movies, has over 15 million followers on leading Chinese social media site Weibo and holds the Guinness World Record for the Highest Altitude Mass-Attended Music Concert. Mok married her boyfriend, German-born Johannes Natterer, at a church near Florence, Italy, on 1st October 2011. Mok has three adult step-children and spends her time between London and her international engagements. In 2017, they celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary with an elaborate party at Kensington Palace.