Unfazed by Jay Chou’s Hangzhou concert spectacle, sleeping lady steals the show


    22nd April 2024 – (Hangzhou) Jay Chou, the Taiwanese pop sensation, recently held a concert in Hangzhou, China, where his performances always attract a massive crowd of enthusiastic fans. However, on that particular evening, an unexpected sight unfolded as someone in the audience was caught sound asleep during his show. Internet users quickly shared the incident, revealing that a middle-aged woman seated in the VIP section was seen dozing off while holding a light stick.

    Despite the electrifying atmosphere and the energy of the concert, she remained undisturbed, sleeping peacefully for a significant portion of the event. This peculiar occurrence sparked curiosity among netizens, who jokingly commented that the “sleeping lady” had come to treat her insomnia and that the more Jay Chou sang joyfully, the better she slept. Some speculated that she may not have purchased the ticket herself but rather received it as a gift to boost attendance numbers. The incident, while amusing, highlights the diverse reactions and experiences that can unfold during live performances.