Unexpected nude scene featuring S.Korean actress Cha Joo-young in Netflix drama The Glory sparks controversy

Cha Joo-young

17th March 2023 – (Seoul) An unexpected nude scene in a recent episode of the Netflix drama The Glory has stirred controversy among netizens. The scene, featuring actress Cha Joo-young as air stewardess Choi Hye-jeong, has her suddenly removing her shirt, baring her chest during an argument with fellow character Park Yeon-jin. While some viewers felt the scene was gratuitous and added no value to the plot, others argued that it was warranted due to the mature rating of the show. Some netizens even speculated that computer-generated images might have been used in the scene. Prior to this, Joo-young was also shown nude in a bathtub scene, but only her bare back was visible. In an interview, the actress had revealed that she had initially rejected wearing a form-fitting white dress that was requested by the director.