Undercover police officer issues parking ticket to a private car parked on double yellow lines


25th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) A video has gone viral online recently, allegedly showing undercover police officers issuing parking tickets to vehicles parked illegally on double yellow lines. The footage has sparked heated discussions among netizens, with some questioning the legitimacy of undercover officers issuing tickets. Comments such as “It’s not a surprise; undercover and uniformed officers both issue tickets” and “If you park illegally, you should expect to get ticketed” have emerged. The incident reportedly took place in Yuen Long, where one officer in uniform used a mobile device to issue a ticket, while another officer in plain clothes used a handheld ticketing machine to print out the citation.

The video clip quickly spread among various social media platforms and traffic discussion groups, with one user on the Facebook group “Road Matters Discussion Forum” questioning, “Undercover officers issuing tickets?” From the circulated footage, a black private car can be seen parked in violation of parking regulations on a street with double yellow lines. A uniformed officer walks away from the vehicle, heading towards the rear. Shortly after, a plainclothes officer, wearing black attire, stands at the front of the car and prints out what appears to be a fixed penalty notice using a handheld ticketing machine. The officer then places the notice on the car’s front and walks away.

According to sources, the incident occurred on 23rd February in Yuen Long, where officers from the local police district were conducting traffic enforcement on On Sum Street. One officer in uniform used a mobile device to issue the ticket, while another officer in plain clothes, equipped with a ticketing machine, printed and placed the ticket on the offending vehicle’s front.

The video has garnered attention online, with netizens questioning the authority of undercover officers to issue tickets. Some comments read, “Why is the officer in full uniform at the rear of the car?” and “Undercover officers have been issuing tickets since last year,” as well as “It’s not a surprise; undercover and uniformed officers both issue tickets” and “If you illegally park and risk double yellow lines, expect to be ticketed. Park in a parking lot or don’t drive at all.”

According to Hong Kong’s Fixed Penalty (Traffic Contraventions) Ordinance, under Cap 237 of the legislation, any police officer, including auxiliary police and traffic wardens, can issue fixed penalty notices to vehicles that violate the traffic regulations outlined in Cap 237. The ordinance does not specify any restrictions on the attire of the officers.