“Undefeated boxing champion” Derek Cheung says he made more than HK$1m from the September match with Joseph Lam


    6th October 2021 – (Hong Kong) The boxing match of trust fund baby Derek Cheung and Joseph Lam in September drew a lot of mocking and attention amongst netizens.

    On 4th October, the egocentric Derek posted a short video on his personal YouTube channel yesterday (4th) revealed that he allegedly made more than HK$1 million in profits after selling more than one hundred VVIP tickets of $28,800 each. He also pointed out that he had set up a marketing strategy with reference to his idol, Stephen Chow, and thanked Lam for his cooperation in the marketing plan.

    It is unknown if the VVIP tickets were sold to the trust fund baby’s relatives and his circle of friends