UK’s millionaire willing to pay HK10.1 million to ‘loyal’ man who will date her


People say that love don’t cost a thing, but it seems that statement does not apply to the United Kingdom’s youngest lottery millionaire who is hoping that her money is enough to win a man’s heart.

According to a report published on Mirror, Jane Park is willing to pay an annual “allowance” worth £60,000 (about P4.1 million) to any man who will date her and stay loyal to her after she has experienced a series of failed relationships.

Park, 23, will be launching a website wherein men can apply to be her new lover. She will also be showing the interview process for a documentary which will air next year.

“Jane is amazing and has so much to give but she has found herself alone again as since she won, she’s had terrible luck,” Mirror’s source said.

Park previously dated “The X Factor” finalist Sam Callahan and footballer Jordan Piggott but both relationships, unfortunately, did not work out.

Due to the heartbreaks she has experienced, Park is all set to find a new man who will stay loyal to her, even if it means shelling out a certain amount of money.

In 2013, Park was only 17 years old when she won the £1 million prize from EuroMillions, a transnational lottery, on her first ticket. Mirror added that after winning, Park splurged her money on cars, holidays, and plastic surgeries.

She also previously opened up that winning the lottery emotionally affected her, adding that she planned on suing EuroMillions for allowing minors to participate.

Despite having the financial capability to afford material things, Park said that winning the lottery ruined her life and made her feel empty.

Photo credits: Mirror

Original article appeared in The Filipino Times

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