Ukrainian President Zelensky calls for unified global response to aerial threats


15th April 2024 – (Kyiv) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday sharply criticised Iran’s recent drone and missile attacks on Israel, drawing a parallel to his own country’s plight under Russian aggression. He urged the global community to adopt a united stance against what he described as escalating threats from both Iran and Russia.

Speaking via the social media platform X, Zelensky highlighted the serious implications of Iran’s actions, not just for regional stability but for global security. He accused Iran and Russia of cooperating to spread terror, demanding a strong and cohesive international response.

In his nightly video address, the Ukrainian leader emphasised the robust support Israel received from its allies in neutralising aerial threats. He argued that Ukraine deserved similar solidarity in countering the ongoing Russian assaults, which include frequent missile and drone attacks on civilian and infrastructure targets.

Zelensky reiterated his call for the US Congress to expedite approval of a critical aid package, stalled for months due to domestic political disputes. He stressed the urgent need for air defence systems to protect Ukrainian skies, noting that mere rhetoric was insufficient for defense.

The urgency of Zelensky’s appeal was underscored by recent commitments from Germany to supply Ukraine with additional Patriot air defense systems and missiles, a move described as crucial given the current circumstances.

This plea for international solidarity comes at a time when the House Majority Leader, Steve Scalise, announced plans to address legislative measures supporting Israel and holding Iran accountable, following the attack on Israel.