Ukrainian military targets Russian missile systems in Crimea


10th June 2024 – (Kyiv) The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has announced that Ukrainian military forces executed precise strikes on three Russian missile systems in Crimea. The targeted locations included an S-300 system near Yevpatoria in western Crimea, another near the neighbouring village of Chornomorske, and an S-400 complex in the Dzhankoy area in northern Crimea.

The strikes proved highly effective, as the radar stations of the targeted facilities were knocked out, leading to the detonation of ammunition held at Russian positions. The Ukrainian forces’ actions resulted in significant losses for Russian air defence capabilities in Crimea, as confirmed by the General Staff’s statement.

This military operation demonstrates Ukraine’s determination to counter Russian presence and assert its sovereignty over Crimea. By successfully neutralising key missile systems, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have dealt a blow to Russia’s defensive capabilities in the region.