UEFA Euro 2024 group draw revealed

2024 UEFA European Championship

3rd December 2023 – (Hamburg) The highly anticipated group draw for the 2024 UEFA European Championship took place in Hamburg on Saturday, unveiling the thrilling matchups that await football fans. Among the notable groupings, Group B will feature powerhouse teams Italy, Spain, and Croatia, while Group D will see a clash between France and the Netherlands.

In a remarkable coincidence, Italy and Spain are set to face each other in the European Championship for the fifth consecutive time. Meanwhile, the tournament hosts, Germany, will kick off the competition by taking on Scotland in the opening game, scheduled to be held in Munich on 14th June, 2024.

Let’s take a closer look at the group draw:

Group A: Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland

Group B: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania

Group C: Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England

Group D: Play-off winner A, Netherlands, Austria, France

Group E: Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Play-off winner B

Group F: Türkiye, Play-off winner C, Portugal, Czech Republic

The draw sets the stage for captivating encounters and fierce competition among the participating nations. Each group features a unique blend of teams with varying playing styles and strengths, promising an exciting tournament for both players and fans alike.

In addition to the group stage, the Euro 2024 play-offs semi-finals are scheduled to take place on 21st March, 2024. The matchups for the semi-finals are as follows:

Path A: Poland vs Estonia, Wales vs Finland

Path B: Israel vs Iceland, Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Ukraine

Path C: Georgia vs Luxembourg, Greece vs Kazakhstan

These play-offs will determine the final teams that will secure their places in the tournament. The Euro 2024 play-offs finals are set to be held on 26th March, 2024, marking a decisive moment for the teams vying for qualification.