UA Cinemas and K11 Art House to implement alternate-row seat arrangements to minimise virus spread


11th February 2020 – (Hong Kong) Sophia Chan, Secretary for Food and Health expressed in the media conference yesterday that local infection cases have started to spread in Hong Kong. The public is advised to maintain a proper social distance and they are advised to stay at home if possible. The next two weeks will be the critical period of the epidemic. The government also asked the public to reduce dining together and urged all cinemas, tutorial centres and interest groups to suspend business operations to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

If the epidemic gets worse, the government may take measures to reduce social and social activities of citizens, such as closing of cinemas or forcing companies to arrange employees to work from home.

Meanwhile, UA Cinemas and K11 Art House will implement alternate-row seat arrangements with immediate effect. The body temperature of every customer will be taken and everyone must wear mask during the entire movie. However, spokesperson for NEWAY Karaoke said that they will not suspend their business operation as of now but they will sanitise each room and measure body temperature of staff and customers.