U.S. probes 3 China’s telecom giants over security concerns


25th June 2024 – (Washington) The U.S. Commerce Department has launched an investigation into whether three of China’s largest state-controlled telecom companies—China Mobile Ltd., China Telecom Corp., and China Unicom—are compromising American national security by potentially providing sensitive U.S. data to Beijing. According to sources cited by Reuters, the inquiry involves detailed scrutiny of the firms’ cloud services and internet infrastructure within the United States.

The government has issued subpoenas to the three telecom giants, seeking extensive information to support risk-based analyses. The investigation into China Unicom is reportedly less advanced compared to the other two firms. This move aligns with ongoing concerns from U.S. government agencies about the risks posed by Chinese state-owned telecommunications entities.

The US government expelled China Unicom from its market, following a similar action against China Mobile. These decisions underscore the increasing caution exercised by Washington regarding the involvement of Chinese companies in critical U.S. infrastructure.