U.S. Congress passes interim funding measure to prevent government shutdown

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer

1st March 2024 – (Washington) The U.S. House of Representatives has successfully passed a temporary funding bill on Thursday, forestalling a potential partial government shutdown with a looming Friday deadline. The measure garnered a significant majority in the vote, passing 320 to 99, despite opposition from 97 Republicans.

On the eve of the vote, bipartisan congressional leaders reached a consensus to extend funding for certain sectors of the government. They agreed to push the existing deadlines from 1st March and 8th March to 8th March and 22nd March, respectively. This extension provides Congress with additional time to deliberate and finalise the annual spending bills.

Having cleared the House, the stopgap bill now proceeds to the Senate for consideration. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a leading Democrat, has voiced his expectation for a swift passage through the Senate, potentially as soon as Thursday night.

This marks the fourth occasion within the current fiscal year that Congress has had to resort to a stopgap funding measure. Such measures are temporary solutions designed to keep the government operational while providing lawmakers with the necessary time to complete the formal appropriations process for the fiscal year 2024, which commenced on 1st October, 2023.