U.S. and Israel prepare for retaliation after Iran’s attack leaves 10-year-old boy injured

On 13th April, 2024, President Joe Biden convenes with his national security team at the White House. Source: White House.

14th April 2024 – (Jerusalem) The U.S. and Israel are gearing up for a robust response following an Iranian offensive against Israel, which tragically resulted in the injury of a young boy. U.S. President Joe Biden affirmed his unwavering support for Israel following a briefing with his national security team, emphasising the “ironclad” commitment to Israel’s security amidst threats from Iran and its affiliates. According to a senior U.S. official cited by ABC News, a staggering count of 150 missiles were launched by Iran during the recent attack on Israel.

The situation intensified late yesterday when Iran launched a series of drone and missile attacks on Israeli territory. In a chilling statement, a senior Israeli official warned of an “unprecedented response” to the aggression, signalling a severe upcoming retaliation against Tehran. This statement, coupled with an advisory for Israelis to remain vigilant overnight, underscores the gravity of the current situation.

In response to these attacks, the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem has issued strict instructions for all U.S. government personnel to shelter in place. The embassy also hinted at possible further restrictions on travel within parts of Israel and the West Bank, reflecting the unpredictable nature of the current security landscape.

On the ground, the U.S. military has actively engaged in defensive actions, successfully intercepting several Iranian drones in the southern regions of Syria, near the Jordanian border. These military actions highlight the strategic involvement of U.S. forces stationed in the region, aimed at curtailing the immediate threat posed by Iranian drones.

In a statement reported by state TV, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards declare that they will respond reciprocally to any threats from the United States and Israel. This statement comes just hours after Iran carried out a series of missile and drone attacks targeting Israeli sites. The Guards emphasise that any threat, regardless of its origin country, whether it be the United States or the Zionist regime, will be met with a proportional and reciprocal response from Tehran.

Tragically, amidst these high-stakes military engagements, a 10-year-old boy from a Bedouin town near Arad has been seriously wounded. The child, who was injured by shrapnel following the interception of an Iranian drone, is currently receiving medical treatment at Soroka Hospital in Beersheba. This incident marks the first reported civilian injury in this latest series of attacks, bringing a poignant human element to the geopolitical strife.

Israeli air defences successfully intercept Iranian missile launches early morning today