Tyrese Haspil’s trial begins for brutal murder of tech CEO Fahim Saleh

Fahim Saleh

27th May 2024 – (New York) Tyrese Haspil, the personal assistant to tech CEO Fahim Saleh, is currently on trial for the heinous murder of his boss. The trial, taking place in Manhattan, has brought to light shocking details surrounding the case. Haspil’s defence team argues that he committed the crime out of a “crime of passion” after embezzling a substantial amount of money from Saleh.

According to reports from The New York Post, Saleh had discovered the embezzlement but chose not to pursue legal action, giving Haspil the opportunity to repay the stolen funds. However, it is alleged that Haspil continued to steal from Saleh, leading to renewed threats of legal consequences.

Prosecutors have presented evidence suggesting that Haspil meticulously planned the murder. They claim he used a taser to incapacitate Saleh before brutally dismembering his body. A crucial piece of evidence is a cleaning product tag linked to a taser, which was purchased by Haspil and found at the crime scene.

Despite Haspil’s defence citing emotional distress and a troubled upbringing, prosecutors argue that he used Saleh’s stolen funds to lavish gifts on a new girlfriend shortly after the murder took place.

If convicted of first-degree murder, Haspil faces a potential life sentence. However, his defence team hopes for a manslaughter conviction with a less severe sentence, citing his alleged emotional state as a mitigating factor.

During the court proceedings, Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Linda Ford asserted that Haspil had meticulously planned the murder to not only commit the act but also to cover it up and erase his debt, preventing Saleh from testifying against him in court.

Allegedly, Haspil used Saleh’s credit cards to purchase cleaning supplies from a Home Depot store, which he then used to attempt to clean the crime scene. However, his efforts proved insufficient, as he failed to remove an “anti-felon disc” identification tag, which was discovered at the scene. This disc had a unique number matching the Taser that Haspil had reportedly ordered to his Brooklyn address a month prior to the murder, according to prosecutors.