Typhoon Mawar skirts Taiwan after hitting Northern Philippines


30th May 2023 – (Taipei) Typhoon Mawar brought winds, rains, and large waves to Taiwan’s eastern coast on May 30, but mostly avoided the island after grazing the northern Philippines. The slow-moving typhoon has weakened since hitting Guam last week but remains dangerous with maximum sustained winds of 155km/h and gusts of up to 190km/h.

Although no major damage was reported in the Philippines, more than 3,400 villagers are still in emergency shelters in northern provinces, and flights to and from Batanes remain suspended.

Mawar is projected to shift northeast toward southern Japan by Wednesday. While strong winds are still forecast for Taiwan, authorities in the Philippines have warned against complacency, as the risks from dangerous tidal surgesflash floods, landslides, and typhoon-enhanced monsoon rains remain until Mawar has safely passed.