Two women in sexy outfits and a man engage in a heated confrontation on Gloucester Road


9th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) A video clip recently circulated on the internet shows a heated confrontation between two women and a man on Gloucester Road in Causeway Bay. The two women, dressed in sexy outfits, can be seen standing in front of a parked car, while the man, who appears to be their acquaintance, is standing nearby.

The video begins with a shot of the two women standing by the car, with one of them, dressed in a black tube top and white shorts, using her phone to take a video of the man. The man, who is dressed in a white shirt and black pants, can be seen gesturing towards the women and speaking to them in a raised voice.

The confrontation quickly escalates, with the black-clad woman seen pushing and kicking the man, who tries to defend himself by using his hands to block her attacks. The other woman, dressed in white, can be seen shouting and trying to intervene in the altercation.

As the confrontation continues, the black-clad woman loses her balance and falls to the ground, but quickly gets back up and continues to attack the man. The man, who appears to be trying to retreat from the situation, can be seen walking backwards and attempting to avoid the woman’s blows.

The video ends with the two women walking towards the man, who is seen quickly walking away from the scene.

Netizens who have viewed the video have left comments on social media, with some criticising the women’s behaviour and calling them “drunk women” and “stinky street performers.” Others have defended the women, saying that they were simply “standing up for themselves” and that the man was “asking for it” with his behaviour.