Two vice principals intervene as quiet 13-year-old female student allegedly attacks classmate from behind with knife at Tuen Mun school


17th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) A shocking incident unfolded at a school in Tuen Mun yesterday as a 13-year-old girl was arrested for allegedly stabbing a fellow classmate. The incident occurred during a class session when the girl confronted a 13-year-old boy, seated in front of her, brandishing a 30cm-long (12 inch) knife. The confrontation took place at approximately 3:50 PM on Thursday.

The victim suffered multiple knife wounds to his right shoulder, back, and arm. He was promptly transported to Tuen Mun Hospital, where he is now reported to be in stable condition. According to a police source, the suspect and the victim, both studying in Secondary Two, had apparently engaged in an argument over a trivial matter prior to the attack.

Authorities have confirmed that the pupils involved were students at CCC Hoh Fuk Tong College, a subsidised school. However, the school’s two vice principals have come forward to shed light on the incident, stating that there was no apparent dispute between the two students throughout the day.

Vice Principals Leung and Tang provided further details, explaining that the incident occurred during a class transition period. The female student unexpectedly launched the attack from behind on the male student. It is worth noting that the girl did not exhibit heightened emotions during the assault. The two female teachers present at the scene promptly intervened, successfully persuading the girl to relinquish the knife. The student complied without resistance, displaying a surprising level of composure.

The male student, understandably shaken by the incident, remained conscious and responsive. The teachers immediately administered first aid to address his superficial wounds. Subsequent X-ray examinations confirmed that there were no fractures or serious internal injuries. Presently, his condition is stable.

The vice-principals described the female student involved as generally quiet and reserved. While she had received counselling in the past, there were no records of violent behaviour or emotional disturbances. Therefore, the incident is believed to be an isolated occurrence. The girl has been granted leave from school today, and the decision regarding her return will be based on her well-being, as assessed by psychologists and social workers.

Following the incident, the school promptly contacted the parents of both the victim and the assailant. They also reached out to the parents of all students in the class to inform them of the incident and provided necessary guidance to ensure the emotional stability of the students. The school authorities promptly sent out text messages to notify all parents, and a formal communication will be issued today. A crisis management team has been activated, with psychologists and social workers from the Hong Kong Christian Council and the Education Bureau scheduled to provide counselling to the students on campus.