Two trains collide in northeast Italy, leaving 17 lightly injured


11th December 2023 – (Milan) Two trains collided on the Bologna-Rimini railway line in Faenza, a city located in northeast Italy. The collision resulted in at least 17 individuals sustaining minor injuries, according to a report by Milan-based daily, Corriere della Sera.

The unfortunate incident took place at approximately 8.20pm local time (1920 GMT), disrupting the railway traffic in the surrounding area. Rescue teams and emergency personnel were promptly deployed to the scene to provide assistance and ensure the safety of those involved.

Fortunately, all 17 individuals affected by the collision suffered only minor injuries. Medical professionals promptly attended to their needs, providing necessary medical aid and ensuring their well-being. While the injuries sustained were not life-threatening, the victims were undoubtedly shaken by the unexpected event.