Two traffic accidents on Tuen Mun Road within a day, fire truck arriving at the scene hit by 2 other vehicles


7th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) Tuen Mun Road has witnessed two traffic accidents within a day. Following this morning’s incident where a truck flipped over and crossed three lanes, this afternoon at around 5pm, another traffic accident occurred near Tuen Mun Road towards Tsuen Wan. A silver private car was suspected to have lost control and crashed into the guardrail, causing severe damage to the front of the car. The driver was conscious and managed to climb out of the car, and passing drivers reported the incident to the authorities. Subsequently, a fire truck arrived at the scene for rescue, but it was hit by two other vehicles, a truck and another private car, suspected to have lost control and failed to brake in time.

The fire truck’s left rear was damaged, while the truck and the black private car suffered damage to their fronts and bodies. Two drivers suffered minor injuries and were later sent to the hospital for treatment.

The Transport Department has closed some lanes of Tuen Mun Road (towards Tsuen Wan) near Ting Kau. Drivers can only use the remaining lanes. Traffic congestion has been reported in the area.

Earlier this morning, another traffic accident occurred at around 6.2 am when a truck was traveling along Tuen Mun Road towards Kowloon. It suddenly lost control near Ting Kau Bridge, hit the right iron fence, bounced back, and crossed three lanes before flipping over and stopping on the left shoulder.