Two taxi drivers engage in physical altercation in Tsim Sha Tsui


25th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) A video circulating on social media shows two taxi drivers engaging in a physical altercation in Tsim Sha Tsui’s Mody Square. The incident reportedly occurred at around 12.02 pm on 24th May.

In the video, a driver wearing a brown shirt can be seen arguing with another driver in black clothing beside a parked taxi. The argument soon escalated into a physical altercation, with the brown-shirted driver executing a spinning kick that forced the other driver into the taxi.

After enduring several blows, the black-clothed driver closed the taxi door and took a moment to regroup before continuing the argument. However, the altercation resumed, and the brown-shirted driver landed a punch to the black-clothed driver’s left cheek, causing him to stagger and fall.

After recovering, the two drivers appeared to take a rest before exchanging insults and spitting on each other from a distance. Eventually, the drivers left the scene in their respective taxis.

While the cause of the altercation remains unclear, some netizens speculated that it may have been caused by a dispute over taxi queueing. Others pointed out that the black-clothed driver had originally disembarked from a taxi parked in the middle of the queue but had later boarded a taxi at the front of the line, jokingly referring to the two drivers as having “traded cars.”

Some netizens even joked that the two drivers were engaged in a street fight that didn’t last three rounds, referring to mixed martial arts (MMA) matches.