Two tattooed men stopped and questioned by police in Sha Tin after being reported by nearby security guard

Lai Ping Road

26th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) On 11.55pm today, two men dressed in black and sporting tattoos were spotted walking along Lai Ping Road in Sha Tin’s Kau To Shan area. When the two men approached the area near No. 83, a nearby security guard became suspicious of their menacing appearance and suspected that they might be attempting to commit a theft.

The security guard promptly reported the incident to the authorities, and law enforcement officers arrived at the scene. They intercepted the two tattooed men and conducted an investigation, which revealed that one of the men was a resident of a nearby housing estate. He had accompanied his friend, who was visiting him at his residence, on a walk through the area.

After registering the men’s information, the police allowed them to leave, and the case was classified as “miscellaneous.”