Two suspects arrested for causing harm to female employee at eatery in Tai Po on 23rd February


25th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) A 31-year-old female employee, identified as So, was brutally assaulted by three male assailants outside Greenfield Garden, an eatery located at 11 Chui Lok Street in Tai Po on 23rd February. The attackers swiftly carried out their vicious act, leaving the victim with severe injuries. Following an extensive investigation, authorities successfully apprehended one suspect, Mr. Yip (38 years old), in the Wong Tai Sin district yesterday. Moreover, another suspect, Mr. Cheung (20 years old), was captured today in the Sheung Shui district. Both individuals are currently in custody, pending further investigation. Additional arrests have not been ruled out.

The incident occurred around 11pm when So, alone at the time, went to the back alley to dispose of garbage. Suddenly, three assailants armed with knives emerged from a nearby private vehicle and viciously attacked her. After successfully carrying out their assault, the perpetrators swiftly fled the scene, making their escape in the same private vehicle they arrived in. Despite her injuries, So managed to return to the restaurant seeking assistance from her colleagues, who promptly reported the incident to the authorities.

So sustained six knife wounds to her forearm and fingers, causing profuse bleeding. She remained conscious and was promptly transported to Prince of Wales Hospital for medical treatment by an ambulance. Disturbingly, bloodstains were visible both inside the restaurant and near a trash bin located outside. Law enforcement agencies initiated a pursuit of the three attackers and launched an investigation into the vehicle used in the crime. So has stated that she had no known disputes or debts with anyone, leaving the motive behind the attack unknown at this time.