Two police constables who reside in Kwai Chung Estate preliminarily test positive for COVID-19


28th January 2022 – (Hong Kong) A 21-year-old male police constable who is posted to the Police Headquarters and a 56-year-old male police constable who is posted to the Airport District, were preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19. They both reside in Ha Kwai House, Kwai Chung Estate and were arranged for COVID-19 test. They were preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday. They have no travel history in the past 14 days. They wore face masks during their tour of duty. Their last working days were 21st and 22nd January respectively.

Police are highly concerned and have the following messages:

(1) While awaiting further assessment and recommendation by the Department of Health (DH), all police officers and civilian staff who might have been in contact with the officers concerned have been arranged to undergo COVID-19 test as instructed by the DH;

(2) All facilities in the office concerned have been sterilised;

(3) All officers have been reminded to reduce social contact to minimise risks of infection, and to pay attention to physical health. If feeling unwell, they should consult a doctor and report the case immediately;

(4) Police will deploy resources flexibly to ensure provision of policing services of the areas concerned remains unaffected.

  Police will maintain close communication with the DH and provide assistance in tracing the pathology, by proactively providing information such as the duty record and roster of the officers concerned. Arrangements will be made for close contacts to be conveyed to quarantine centres to undergo quarantine.