Two naked women killed in MGM Cotai in Macao are prostitute and illegal money changer respectively


8th May 2022 – (Macao)  Two dead female bodies were discovered in Macao at 0.55am yesterday and the crime scene was in a hotel room on the 9th floor of MGM Cotai. 

According to sources, the judicial police investigation showed that the two naked women died more than ten hours apart. The cold-blooded murder was carefully orchestrated. One of the deceased was suspected of being a prostitute and she went to the hotel room to continue conversation with the suspect. She was strangled to death with a bathrobe belt. The other deceased, suspected to be an “illegal money changer”, went to the room to exchange money, but she was killed by the same suspect with bathrobe belt.

The murderer’s motive was believed to be attributed to money, and there was no personal grudge. After the murder, the suspect tried to cover up the identities of the two deceased. He took off their clothes and accessories of the deceased, looted their belongings and identity documents before removing all clues at the scene. According to sources, the hotel room where the incident occurred was not registered under the names of the two deceased. The case was exposed when their friends failed to locate them.

It is reported that one of the female deceased was a prostitute in Macao, and the murderer was a client. After the transaction, the two chatted in the hotel room, during which the murderer strangled her to death. The suspect then contacted the other illegal money changer, falsely claimed that he wanted to exchange a sum of money, and lured the other party to the hotel room for transaction. She went to the meeting alone and was eventually killed. The CCTV footage of the hotel shows that the two entered the room more than ten hours apart. It is estimated that after one of them was killed, the culprit contacted the other victim to go to the room again. Since it is common for illegal money changer to carry huge sums of money, the police did not rule out that the suspect killed her for the money.