Two men arrested for suspected shooting of monkeys with air guns near Kowloon Reservoir

Kam Shan Tree Walk

31st March 2023 – (Hong Kong) In an incident that occurred at around 2.17pm on 31st March, a concerned citizen reported to the authorities that two men were shooting monkeys with air guns near the Kam Shan Tree Walk pavilion, adjacent to Golden Hill Road at Kowloon Reservoir. Upon receiving the report, law enforcement officers rushed to the scene and found the two men holding long and short guns, firing at a self-made target board, with a parked private car nearby.

Upon questioning the suspects, law enforcement personnel suspected that the two men were in possession of unlicensed firearms, and subsequently arrested and took them away for investigation. The officers also seized one BB gun, one approximately 20-centimetre-long air gun, and a can of compressed gas. The authorities are now investigating whether the suspects had indeed fired at the animals. The weapons’ power remains undetermined and is currently undergoing examination by firearms experts.

The alleged shooting of monkeys by the two suspects has sparked outrage among animal rights activists, as such actions can lead to serious injury or death of the animals. In Hong Kong, cruelty to animals is considered a serious offence, punishable by imprisonment and a hefty fine.