Two major international sports events awarded “M” Mark status in Hong Kong

Aramco Team series

29th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Major Sports Events Committee (MSEC) has recently announced the awarding of “M” Mark status to two prominent international sports events scheduled to take place in Hong Kong this October. The events that have received this prestigious recognition are the Aramco Team Series presented by PIF-Hong Kong, scheduled from 6th to 8th October, and the Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open 2023, set to be held from 7th to 15th October.

Mr. Wilfred Ng, Chairman of the MSEC, highlighted that these two events, like all other “M” Mark events, will bring vibrancy and excitement to Hong Kong while attracting more visitors from around the world.

“The Aramco Team Series will be hosted in Hong Kong for the first time, and the Hong Kong Tennis Open will return after a four-year hiatus. These events not only demonstrate Hong Kong’s capability to organize world-class sports events but also further establish Hong Kong as a hub for major international sporting competitions,” stated Mr. Ng.

The “M” Mark System aims to promote and support local national sports associations, private organizations, and non-governmental organizations in organising significant international sports events, fostering their development into sustainable endeavours. Events that meet the assessment criteria set by the MSEC are granted the esteemed “M” Mark status, and some may also receive funding support.

By awarding the “M” Mark status to these two events, the MSEC recognises their significance in enhancing Hong Kong’s sports landscape and attracting global attention. The distinction reinforces Hong Kong’s reputation as a premier destination for hosting major international sports events.

The Aramco Team Series presented by PIF-Hong Kong and the Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open 2023 are expected to bring together top athletes and showcase exceptional sporting performances. These events will not only captivate sports enthusiasts but also contribute to the economic and cultural vitality of Hong Kong, as visitors from abroad flock to the city to witness the thrilling competitions.