Two injured in morning accident involving two vans in Mong Kok, female pedestrian trapped under vehicle (Updated: 11.35am)


10th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) At 10.34am on the 10th of December, a collision took place involving two commercial vans on Mong Kok Road near Tong Mi Road. While driving along Mong Kok Road near Tong Mei Road, a van reportedly accidentally struck a female pedestrian. The driver of the van immediately applied the brakes, but another trailing van failed to stop in time, colliding with the rear of the vehicle in front and pushing it towards the pedestrian walkway’s iron railing. As a result, the female victim was dragged under the van.

The trapped pedestrian was successfully rescued, and despite her injuries, she remained conscious during transportation to the hospital. Another driver involved in the collision sustained injuries as well, and the exact cause of the accident is currently under investigation.