Two Household Cavalry horses seriously injured in London rush hour chaos

Vida, a grey horse, was spotted dashing down The Strand following its escape near Hyde Park Barracks. Picture credit: Credit: Jordan Pettitt/PA

25th April 2024 – (London) A distressing episode unfolded in central London on Wednesday when two horses from the prestigious Household Cavalry were seriously injured after being spooked during their morning exercise. The incident caused widespread disruption during the morning rush hour, leading to injuries to four individuals and damage to several vehicles, including a double-decker tour bus and a Mercedes-Benz people carrier.

The two horses, known as Vida and Quaker, were part of a group undergoing routine exercise in Belgravia when they were startled by noises from nearby construction work. The pair subsequently bolted, making their way through the busy streets of Aldwych and Fleet Street. Vida, described as a grey, suffered noticeable injuries after colliding with a car’s windshield, resulting in significant bleeding.

Defence Minister James Cartlidge, speaking on LBC Thursday morning, described the condition of the injured horses as “serious” but refrained from providing detailed updates. “This is very exceptional,” Cartlidge commented, emphasizing the rarity of such incidents despite the regular presence of army horses in central London — approximately 150 are exercised daily.

The situation was brought under control by 10:30 am, with all horses safely returned to Hyde Park Barracks. Cartlidge reassured the public that, while the incident was unfortunate, there were no severe injuries reported among bystanders. He acknowledged the ongoing concern for the two horses now receiving veterinary care and confirmed that their condition continues to be closely monitored.

An Army source revealed to The Sun that Vida, the horse most visibly affected, is known for its spirited nature and had a previous incident where it kicked a soldier during the King’s Coronation.