Two district councillors and one company director arrested for conspiracy to defraud

From left to right: CHAN Tsz Him, Timothy Lee and Henry Wong

22nd November 2020 -(Hong Kong) The Commercial Crime Bureau of the Police launched an operation this morning (22nd) and arrested Yuen Long District Councillor Henry Wong Pak-yu, Kowloon City District Councillor Timothy Lee Hin-long and “U Made This” company director CHAN Tsz Him. It is understood that the three arrests were related to the expenses of the general election of the Legislative Council originally scheduled to be held in September.

Source: Henry Wong’s Facebook

Yuen Long District Councillor Tommy Cheung said on Facebook this morning that Yuen Long District Councillor Henry Wong Pak-yu and Kowloon City District Timothy Lee Hin-long were arrested by the Police Commercial Crime Bureau. On Henry’s Wong Facebook page, there is a short video posted at 8am in which several police officers held a court search warrant to search his apartment. At the same time, Wong was required to produce identification documents and hand over his mobile phone. According to sources, the three people are currently under investigation at three respective police stations i.e. Henry Wong at Yuen Long Police Station, Timothy Lee at Tin Sum Police Station and Chan at Hung Hom Police Station.

According to the election expenses declarations of the candidates of the Legislative Council published by the Registration and Electoral Office earlier, Henry Wong and Timothy Lee who participated in the District Council (2) (Super District Council) election, had a total election expenditure of approximately HK$4.89 million, of which more than HK$450,000 worth of election services and goods were donated by the company “U Made This”. The company mainly provides creative services and Chan is one of the company’s directors and the creative director.