Two brothers in 50s found dead in apartment unit at Sau Mau Ping Estate (Updated: 10.15pm)

Sau Wai House, Sau Mau Ping Estate

22nd September 2023 – (Hong Kong) At approximately 2.40pm today, the police received a report from a security guard stationed at Sau Wai House, Sau Mau Ping Estate. The guard had detected a peculiar odour while patrolling and promptly alerted the authorities. Emergency response teams, including firefighters, swiftly arrived at the scene and forcibly entered the unit in question.

Inside the residence, the responders made a grim discovery. Two male individuals were found lifeless on the floor, confirming their untimely demise. The police have launched a thorough investigation into the incident, striving to determine the motive behind this heinous crime.

According to preliminary information, the victims have been identified as two brothers, aged 55 and 53 respectively. Both resided in the unit where their lifeless bodies were discovered. Tragically, the bodies had already begun to decompose, suggesting that the incident may have occurred sometime before their discovery.

According to sources, both individuals had limited self-care abilities and relied on their mother, who lived with them, for assistance. Despite previous offers of support from social welfare organisations, their requests had consistently been declined. However, approximately three months ago, their mother was hospitalised due to illness, leaving the brothers without any caretaker. Their lives were severely impacted, and it was only today that security personnel, upon detecting a foul odour during their rounds, discovered the lifeless bodies of the brothers in the living room. The bodies were found intertwined, showing no visible signs of external injuries. There were no suspicious traces of struggle or signs of ransacking within the apartment. Based on the advanced state of decomposition, it is believed that they had been deceased for a considerable period of time. It has been reported that the kitchen and refrigerator in the apartment had no food supplies, leading to speculation that hunger may have been a contributing factor in their tragic demise.