Two arrested in vandalism of Beyond lead vocalist Wong Ka-kui’s tomb


19th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Iconic band Beyond’s late lead vocalist, Wong Ka-kui, had his tomb at the Junk Bay Chinese Permanent Cemetery in Tseung Kwan O desecrated. At around 11am today, a bald teenager relentlessly smashed Wong’s memorial photograph on the tombstone with an iron hammer, completely destroying it. Additionally, the guitar sculpture on the tombstone was defaced with writings in black marker. The act of destruction was captured on video by an accomplice present at the scene and quickly circulated on social media platforms, sparking anger among netizens and fans.

Following an investigation, law enforcement officials arrested two male suspects, aged 15 and 23, on charges of criminal damage. The motive behind the crime is still under investigation. During an on-site inspection conducted by journalists from, Wong’s tombstone was found covered with white cloth, with law enforcement officials present to gather evidence.

Beyond bandmate Paul Wong expressed his anger, asking, “What’s the point of doing this?” He emphasised the severity of vandalising a deceased person’s grave, stating, “It causes great pain and suffering.” Wong Ka Kui’s younger brother, Wong Ka Keung, remains unreachable at present.

Records indicate that Wong Ka Kui’s tombstone has been subject to multiple instances of vandalism in the past, with the previous incident reported on 9th July, 2019, when fans discovered the damage while paying their respects.