Twitter to close Seattle office


    Xinhua News

    30th December 2022 – (Seattle) Twitter will close its downtown Seattle office as it faces eviction, according to multiple reports on Thursday.

    Tech news publication Platformer said on Thursday evening that Twitter’s remaining Seattle-based workers have been directed to work from home. And according to The New York Times, janitorial and security services at Twitter’s Seattle office have been cut.

    This has been the latest negative news about the Seattle office since it was opened at the Century Square tower downtown in 2014.

    In November, 208 workers at the Seattle office were cut among the 3,700 companywide a week after Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk completed his 44 billion U.S. dollars Twitter acquisition.

    Office closures are the latest step taken by Musk to cut costs at Twitter, The Seattle Times reported.

    During a live forum on Twitter this month, Musk said the company was to have a “negative cash flow situation” of 3 billion dollars next year due to a lack of advertising revenue and increased costs.

    The world-famous social platform suffered a widespread outage Wednesday after Musk made “significant” backend server architecture changes.