“Twilight of the Warriors: Walled In” makes waves at Cannes with rapturous applause


    17th May 2024 – (Cannes) At the 77th Cannes Film Festival, the Hong Kong action drama “Twilight of the Warriors: Walled In” captured the hearts of the international audience, securing a standing ovation that lasted for a remarkable ten minutes. Directed by filmmaker Soi Cheang, the film not only showcases the talents of some of Hong Kong’s finest actors, including Louis Koo, Raymond Lam, and Terrance Lau, but it also marks a significant resurgence in the global appeal of Hong Kong cinema.

    The film, which delves into the storied past of Kowloon Walled City, debuted at Cannes under the prestigious ‘Midnight Screenings’ section. Its narrative strength combined with high-octane action sequences has already propelled its box office receipts beyond HK$55 million in Hong Kong and mainland China, signalling a strong resonance with audiences.

    On the red carpet, dressed sharply in black suits, the cast exuded charisma and solidarity. Director Soi Cheang expressed his exhilaration and anticipation for the audience’s reaction. “It’s beyond my wildest dreams to bring our local action film to such a grand stage and see it succeed,” Cheang remarked, his voice filled with pride.

    The film’s reception at Cannes was nothing short of spectacular. As the credits rolled, the audience’s spontaneous standing ovation was a testament to the film’s impact. Actor Tony Wu, overwhelmed with emotion, appreciated the collective effort: “It feels surreal, like living a dream. Thanks to everyone who believed in this project.”

    The cast’s camaraderie was palpable during their appearance. Raymond Lam, a first-timer at Cannes, shared his gratitude, “I never imagined that we, a group of brothers, would make it to Cannes. It’s a huge step for promoting Hong Kong cinema globally.” Terrance Lau echoed these sentiments, recognising the significance of participating in such a prestigious event alongside industry legends.

    As the evening progressed, the film crew engaged with both press and fans, with many seizing the opportunity to capture moments with the stars. Koo, known for his roles in numerous blockbuster hits, discussed the film’s cultural significance. “Kowloon Walled City may be gone, but in reviving its story, we hope to also boost tourism and cultural interest in Hong Kong.”