TVB’s Scoop program stars Ho and Mrs. Ho capture the limelight with their live kiss


    26th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Ho and Mrs. Ho have become the talk of the town following their recent interviews on TVB’s popular program “Scoop” program. The couple’s every move has attracted immense attention, with online groups dedicated to tracking their activities cropping up. Ho and Mrs. Ho have quickly become internet sensation, capturing the public’s fascination.

    Mrs. Ho, whose Douyin account was recently exposed by netizens, has been open about her views on relationships. She announced that she and Ho would be hosting a live broadcast together on 29th May. When asked about the possibility of having another child, she candidly revealed that they have not yet made such plans but expressed her desire to conceive, showcasing her open-mindedness.

    Today, netizens shared a video clip from Ho and New Mrs. Ho’s live broadcast. In the clip, Mrs. Ho exclaimed, “Some fans asked me to give you a kiss to prove our love, so here it is, my dear husband…” Upon hearing this, Ho immediately leaned in and planted a kiss on Mrs. Ho’s lips. After the kiss, Mrs. Ho giggled in a youthful manner, exclaiming, “Hahaha…” Their affectionate display shattered previous rumours of discord between the couple.

    The public’s fascination with Ho and Mrs. Ho’s relationship continues to grow, as their genuine affection and public displays of love captivate audiences. Their popularity shows no signs of waning, with fans eagerly awaiting their next move. It remains to be seen what exciting developments lie ahead for this high-profile couple.