TVB terminates contracts with Jacqueline Wong and Jackson Lai due to infidelity

    Jacqueline Wong and Jackson Lai

    10th November 2020 – (Hong Kong) TVB has terminated the contracts for actress Jacqueline Wong and actor Jackson Lai after they were caught cheating on their partners. Jacqueline Wong who was embroiled in a scandal with Andy Hui last year fled to the United States after video clips of intimate moments between her and Andy were exposed by Apple Daily. The actress was suspended from work by TVB following the incident.

    However, her image remains tarnished and TVB decided to end her 8-year acting career. Jackson Lai was caught by media reporters sharing a cake with his co-star, Ashley Chu while his wife was eight months pregnant. However, the wife subsequently forgave him.

    TVB executive Virginia Lok confirmed that both of them have been suspended on no-pay leave.