TVB star Samantha Ko’s real figure exposed: Criticised for looking 15kg heavier on camera

    Samantha Ko

    29th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) In a recent TVB drama series titled “The Queen of News,” 36-year-old actress Samantha Ko, portrays a seductive and resourceful female news anchor. Her character engages in a fierce battle for dominance with actress Ho Yee-ting, and despite her cunning tactics, she has captivated the audience. Ko’s popularity in mainland China has surged due to her role in “The Queen of News,” and she recently gained attention on Weibo, China’s microblogging platform, ranking 20th on the trending list with her sharp line, “The Queen of News, Lela Wang, has nothing to lose.”

    However, Ko found herself in the spotlight again, this time with a video clip that exposed her true physique. In the footage, Ko interacts with children, bending down to chat with them. She is dressed in a tight white shirt and a green long skirt, accentuating her slim waist and voluptuous figure. Standing tall and slender, she exudes undeniable beauty.

    Internet users praised Ko’s impeccable figure, suggesting that the television screen made her appear heavier. Comments such as “Her figure is truly perfect; the television screen has elongated her,” “In ‘The Queen of News,’ she appears at least 15 kg heavier than in this video,” “I wonder why her face looks so enlarged in the drama,” and “That’s her natural body shape; it’s just the television stretching her” flooded social media.