TVB rising star Frederick Chui caught in controversial video at the back of a car with mysterious woman

    Frederick Chui

    20th August 2023 – (Hong Kong) Frederick Chui Man-ho, is a promising new artist from TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited). With his tall and handsome appearance, he has quickly gained popularity since his debut. He even made an appearance as an elder in the popular show “Super Trio series,” showcasing the recognition and support from renowned actor Eric Tsang. However, a recent video has surfaced, showing a man and a young woman in a car engaged in intimate interactions.

    In the video, Frederick Chui Man Ho is seen sitting closely with a stunning and attractive lady in the back seat of a car. They appear to be in a close and intimate relationship, with the woman even throwing herself onto the man, disregarding any sense of decorum. The man, on the other hand, wears a smile on his face, seemingly enjoying the situation. This suggests a deep connection between the two individuals.

    Many netizens have noticed the striking resemblance between the man in the video and TVB’s rising star, Frederick Chui Man Ho. When approached by a local media reporter for verification, Frederick Chui Man Ho denied his involvement, stating, “It shouldn’t be me. No way!” He was further shown the photos to confirm, but after the reporter sent the images, Frederick Chui Man Ho did not respond to subsequent phone calls. In an interview back in June, Frederick Chui Man Ho expressed his enjoyment of being single and even moved out of his own residence to have more personal space.

    However, he subsequently told another reporter that, “Last night, I went for drinks with a girl I’m currently dating. After we all got drunk, I called a taxi to drop her off at her place, and then I left!” Chui had previously claimed to be single, and he had a short-lived relationship with ViuTV’s popular host, Krince. However, they broke up a while ago. When asked if the girl in the video was Krince, Hui replied, “We broke up many years ago.