TVB news host Jacky Lin joins Hospital Authority in calling for an end to stigmatisation of psychiatric patients after Plaza Hollywood murder

    Jacky Lin

    4th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) The recent double homicide at Plaza Hollywood has shocked Hong Kong, with many speculating that the incident involved a psychiatric patient. The tragedy has sparked widespread concern, and even TVB news host Jacky Lin Ting-ting has taken to social media to call for an end to the discrimination against psychiatric patients.

    In her post, Lin emphasised that the incident should not lead to prejudice or stigmatisation against those with mental illness. She pointed out that only a small minority of people with mental illness exhibit violent behaviour and stressed the need for greater understanding and support for those affected by mental health issues.

    Meanwhile, the Hospital Authority (HA) has expressed its condolences to the families of the victims and pledged to provide support to those in need yesterday. The HA is reviewing its treatments and procedures for psychiatric patients with the aim of enhancing psychiatric services and improving access to mental health support for the community.

    The Coordinating Committee in Psychiatry has also called for greater support and understanding for those with mental illness. Dr. Bonnie Siu, a representative of the committee, emphasised that most stable mental patients can reintegrate into society and that violence is rare among those with mental illness. She urged the public not to stigmatise mental patients and to work with healthcare professionals to facilitate their rehabilitation and reintegration.