TVB issues statement in response to Pocari Sweat’s open letter yesterday


10th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) After we reported yesterday that Pocari Sweat, a popular Japanese sports drink withdrew their advertisements placements from TVB broadcasts station, TVB released a press statement today as follows:

TVB spokesperson is extremely disappointed over the open letter by Pocari Sweat yesterday especially with regards to the statement that ‘they are currently conducting comprehensive reviews on their media planning towards TVB broadcasting station and they have also taken a pro-active approach to urge TVB to respond to public concern.’

2. TVB broadcasted live telecasts from multiple angles the various street protests and violent clashes so that viewers could comprehend the situations better. It is expected that TVB would be sandwiched between the government and the people as we could not please both parties. Our stations have always adhered to the unbiased and objective principle of news reporting.

Thereafter, another TVB staff expressed during a media interview that the objective reporting of the protests via multi-angle live telecasts including police clearance of protestors reached high viewership, hence, TVB attracted immense criticisms from protestors. Many of them also threatened businesses to withdraw advertisement placements from TVB broadcasts stations.

The spokesperson is of the opinion that the publicity stunt pulled by Pocari Sweat was to attract more support from protestors. Rule of law is the foundation of Hong Kong, Pocari Sweat should not have kowtowed to violence.